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In the Classroom

Old Dress Code Page

Since Jubilee Academy is a school that focuses on the individual learner we feel strongly that students should be able to show self-expression in what they wear to school. Allowing students this freedom allows them to be comfortable in their own style. However, to follow God’s wisdom on modesty we do have a few guidelines for clothing.


  • DO wear longer shorts, dresses and skirts that fit within the “flamingo” rule. When your arms are at your sides, your fingertips should not hit below the bottom hem of your clothing.

  • DO wear some form of shorts under dresses in the elementary grades because of the time students spend playing and learning on the floor in groups with their teachers.

  • DO wear tank tops that have sleeves. No tank tops are allowed.


  • DO wear shorts that come below your fingertips when your hands are at your sides.

  • DO save your athletic wear for the basketball court on the weekends.

  • DO wear shirts that have sleeves. No tank tops are allowed.


  • Clothing with inappropriate sayings, words, or graphics is not permitted.

  • Rips and tears in clothes is not acceptable for the academic environment.

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