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Jubilee Academy Vision & Mission

Vision Statement: Jubilee Academy aims to provide excellent, holistic, Christian education to
students in Oldham County and surrounding areas.

Mission Statement: Jubilee Academy equips students spiritually, academically, socially,
physically, and emotionally, to live with a Biblical worldview, so that they may impact the
culture for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.


 A Jubilee Academy graduate should demonstrate a Christian character and worldview, academic knowledge to their full potential, and practical knowledge that will prepare them for ministry at home, in church, in the workplace, and in the community.
• To empower our educators to teach with students' uniqueness in mind and with an emphasis on relationship-based instruction.
• To provide curriculum and experiences that are directly linked to serving Christ and others in this world.
• To help students understand their strengths and self-advocate in areas of needed support, so that they may use their strengths for Christian service, and so that they may partner with God, their families, and the Jubilee Academy faculty, to grow.
• To create programming that is affordable for the average family.
• To partner with families, rather than to burden them, in the education of their children.


Affordable, Individualized, Christian Education

Contact us to learn more about all we have to offer at Jubilee Academy.

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