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Jubilee Academy Health & Safety Policy for COVID-19

The 2020-21 school year will be an unprecedented one.  Jubilee Academy believes that we must be wise and discerning in our actions to protect the Jubilee community while acknowledging that the option of in person schooling is important for our students, families and program.  In consultation with our board, the following policies* have been established for those who choose to return to school in person on August 12 (as seen below, NTI is always available to our families).  We are looking forward to a safe, exciting new year and rely on the grace and wisdom of God as we move forward together!

Rebecca Raver

Head of School

-Morning Temperature and Health Screening: Temp. must be under 100.4 as indicated by a no touch thermometer before school entry, no active cough, vomiting, diarrhea or unknown rash. note: apart from morning temp checks, these are previously established policies

-Teachers will wear face shields &/or masks.


-Classroom seating will be socially distanced and face in the same direction. When possible, classes will meet outside.


-Classes will eat only with their own class in the lunchroom.


-Each class and area will be routinely disinfected with a 100/1 bleach solution throughout the day.


-Any assemblies or chapels will meet in the gym or outside, social distanced.


-Students will wear masks when social distancing is difficult or not possible ("When you move, you mask").  Students under age 6 will not be expected to wear a mask, but are welcome to.  When wearing a mask is difficult due to medical or sensory reasons, students are not expected to wear a mask but encouraged to social distance.


In all policies, we strive to treat each other with love and respect. 


Other actions:


-Limited volunteers in the building


-Only personal student supplies


-Personal refillable water bottles for students (no water fountain use)


-Frequent hand washing/sanitizing


- Members of the school community will be notified if any staff or student tests positive for COVID-19. Risks will be assessed and action taken on a case by case basis.


-Students should not attend school if they have been exposed to COVID-19 until they test negative.




-We will follow the Synchronous Opt-In Model: School is held in-person and attendance is determined by parents. This puts student school attendance in the hands of the parents. If for any reason, a family decides it is best for their student to stay home for a COVID related reason, NTI will be provided.


-Many institutions have already made the decision not to hold in-person classes from Thanksgiving to Jan.1, 2021, offering NTI at the end of 1st semester. This is something the Jubilee Board and Administration reserve as an option, but will wait to see how things play out and make a decision closer to that time. We hope to avoid school-wide NTI.

*As has been evident throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, things are subject to change.  Jubilee Academy will continue to assess its policies and consult with its board.  We will update our school family on any changes.

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