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In the Classroom


Throughout its dynamic growth and evolution, Jubilee Academy has adapted to the ever changing needs of the community it serves. Today, it has an enrollment spanning kindergarten through high school. The school admits and accommodates both typical children and those who have been overlooked or endured hardships as a result of differences in the way they learn.

The greater success story is that students who previously struggled in school, or even hated school, are enjoying it for the first time in their lives. Some don’t even like school breaks!

Students are learning and growing in character strengths. The Jubilee Academy community is like a family, and students form strong bonds with each other throughout the school year. Jubilee Academy functions as a cottage school and is considered a private school for our five-day week students. However, it is a desirable hybrid model whereby some students attend full-time and others attend part-time.

We are currently seeking the accreditation process for our full-time program, which will make us a private school that includes part-time homeschool programs.

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